• 13-16 MAY 2020

Artists and Artist Managers

What you get out of Classical:NEXT

"The network I’ve developed at Classical:NEXT over the past two years has broadened my reach from national to international. The conference is a fast track for finding like-minded colleagues, and the warm and supportive atmosphere means that you’ll likely make friends, too. Becoming a regular guest at Classical:NEXT has helped me significantly as a composer, curator, and administrator alike. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to find new frontiers for their work."

Judd Greenstein, Classical:NEXT 2018 Project Pitch.


"Classical:NEXT was a tremendously useful experience for me, more than I ever could have imagined when sending my proposal. The concert for my showcase recital was packed with a wide spectrum of music professionals, thanks to the Classical:NEXT team. But more importantly: the two days I spent meeting people casually in the halls led to festival invitations, multiple proposals from record labels, new media contacts, and improved distribution agreement for my partners in France. If you are an entrepreneurial musician, there is no better way to spend three days of your time".

Ivan Ilić, pianist and Classical:NEXT 2013 showcase artist.


Your benefits

  • Find PR professionals, agents, presenters, distributors and labels who can help you develop further
  • Meet with orchestra representatives from numerous countries. Classical:NEXT is the base for an emerging Global Orchestra Network Meeting, which attracts orchestra representatives from all over the world
  • Become part of a professional family and a global network. New contacts in new regions can result in new opportunities;

    "Immediately after my presentation, several representatives approached me and throughout the day some even suggested concrete deals for international appearances of our contemporary music ensemble."

    John Harris, Red Note Ensemble, UK

    • Take home concrete examples and "how-to" knowledge from the conference that you can use in your every day work
    • Be inspired to take on new adventures, new projects, new cooperations
    • Get an extensive overview of the current scene and new trends in a short amount of time
    • Listen to great new music and promote your own.


    Here is a handy pdf to download and share highlighting some of the most important benefits of Classical:NEXT. Feel free to download it and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

    Watch attendees talk about their experience at Classical:NEXT:


    Anything we did not think of? Tell us what you are looking for and how Classical:NEXT could be (or already is) the place to find that! It would be wonderful if you could find the time and write a short email to media@classicalnext.com