• 13-16 MAY 2020


From Conservatoires to Outreach Programmes - Find out what you can get out of Classical:NEXT

Find out what you can get out of Classical:NEXT

"New World Symphony, America's Orchestra Academy, honors the past and shapes the future. Our Fellows will be that future. Classical:NEXT has connected us with all parts of the classical music world, including fellow conservatories and institutes of higher learning, which has guided New World's curriculum development enabling our students to adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape."

John Kieser, New World Symphony

Education is vital to shaping the future of classical music. Join with colleagues from all corners of the field - composers, orchestras, ensembles, new opera, publishing, media, management and journalism. With them, forge alliances and discover new ways to create a brighter future – for your students, your institution and for you!

Within the extensive Classical:NEXT programme, there are numerous events that are specifically dedicated to education and outreach. Classical:NEXT is the international classical music meeting for all sectors and thus the ideal opportunity for anybody working in music education to not only meet each other but to reach out to other parts of the field.

Your Benefits:

  • Engage with everyone in the classical and art music world: forward thinking educational institutions, presenters, orchestras and musicians, composers, publishers, the recording industry, media, and funders.
  • Learning about the current scene and new trends in a concentrated manner will help you develop areas of study.
  • Visit dedicated sessions for conservatoires and institutes of higher learning.
  • Take home inspiring examples and "know-how" with which you can inspire the next generation of artists.
  • Discover new technology and how to use it to improve efficiencies in teaching.
  • Discover and interview new standing or visiting faculty.
  • Be encouraged to take on new adventures, new projects, new cooperation, and develop a new outlook.

Classical:NEXT is your gate to a worldwide professional family, which includes many innovators – you can connect and build networks with new contacts before, at and after the conference through our online contact database and year-round platform C:N NET.

Anything we've missed? Tell us what you are looking for and how Classical:NEXT could be (or already is) the place to find that! It would be wonderful if you could find the time and write a short email to media@classicalnext.com