• 13-16 MAY 2020

Orchestras - Find out what you can get out of Classical:NEXT

An in-depth look into the future. I’d encourage anyone in the orchestral sector to attend Classical:NEXT, whether it be to meet like-minds from across the globe, or to build commercial opportunities."

Mark Pemberton, Association of British Orchestras

The future is at stake and music professionals must orient themselves towards it. This is exactly what happens each year at Classical:NEXT, the international meeting for innovation and networking.



  • Orchestras around the world share similar challenges which override the details of regional differences. Compare best practice notes with international colleagues in the annual Global Orchestra Network Meeting, taking place in two parts – one open to all delegates, the other accessible only to orchestra staff;
  • Discover new ways of presenting live classical music. Learn how to adapt these for your specific concert series and, last but not least, for your specific audience;
  • Find out whether or not a new trend in programming, marketing, audience development or new tech is right for your needs in the extensive Classical:NEXT Conference;
  • See new projects take shape for you as you make new contacts from new sectors and new regions.
  • Get the maximum in global knowledge sharing and networking in the minimum amount of time.
  • Do meetings with colleagues from around the world, in one place, at one time – it’s cost and time efficient.
  • Last but not least: Promote your orchestra!


And more:

The Classical:NEXT conference offers useful, inspiring, interactive content. Take home practical tips and fertile ideas to apply to your specific situation. Learn about new trends in marketing and audience outreach from within and outside the orchestra scene. Learn about new management strategies and get informed on the classical scene across the world.


Where should we, and the genre, go from here?

Classical:NEXT is the place to discuss and take action on exactly this, together with not only your immediate peers and partners but representatives from all areas of the art music world. At Classical:NEXT, this is a world where both artistic and business themes have their rightful place.


Forge new contacts in a relaxed atmosphere

Connect to like-minded professionals who make a difference including colleagues from other countries or other sectors. Over 1300 professionals from 48 countries attended the 2018 edition. The Classical:NEXT community unites innovators connected year-round via the online directory and platform C:N NET.


Here is a handy pdf to download and share highlighting some of the most important benefits of Classical:NEXT. Feel free to download it and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

Watch attendees talk about their experience at Classical:NEXT:


Anything we did not think of? Tell us what you are looking for and how Classical:NEXT could be (or already is) the place to find that! It would be wonderful if you could find the time and write a short email to media@classicalnext.com