• 13-16 MAY 2020


Find out what you can get out of Classical:NEXT

“In just two years Classical:NEXT has established itself as an event to attend. A programme that will intrigue, excite and entice all sectors of the music community to attend and participate.”

Sarah Osborne, general manager, Music Publishers Association, and Classical:NEXT jury member 2014

Composers and their publishers are called to join the debate on the future of classical music and the music business. Classical:NEXT is the international meeting for all sectors and thus the place for publishers to engage with the rest of the scene.

Your Benefits

  • Meet with orchestra representatives from numerous countries. Classical:NEXT is the base for an emerging Global Orchestra Network Meeting, which attracts orchestra representatives from all over the world;
  • Connect with professionals from the new opera sector thanks to Classical:NEXT’s partnership with Operadagen Rotterdam;
  • Take home concrete examples and "how-to" knowledge from the conference that you can use in your everyday work;
  • You will get an extensive overview of the current scene and new trends in a minimum amount of time;
  • Find partners for international co-commissioning;
  • Find out whether or not a new trend in programming, marketing, audience development or new tech is right for your needs in the extensive Classical:NEXT Conference;
  • Be inspired to take on new adventures, new projects, new cooperations;

Here is a handy pdf to download and share highlighting some of the most important benefits of Classical:NEXT. Feel free to download it and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

Watch attendees talk about their experience at Classical:NEXT:

Anything we did not think of? Tell us what you are looking for and how Classical:NEXT could be (or already is) the place to find that! It would be wonderful if you could find the time and write a short email to media@classicalnext.com