David Orlowsky Photo: Sony Classical / Felix Broede

Find out what you can get out of Classical:NEXT

"There are many groups that have interesting approaches on how to free classical music from the museum and get it on the streets. It is really exciting that now there is a forum for that!"

David Orlowsky, clarinetist and jury member, Germany

Education is vital to shaping the future of classical music. Join with colleagues from other sectors such as orchestras, new opera, management and journalism to together forge new paths forward to a brighter future – for your students, your institution and for you!

Within the extensive Classical:NEXT programme, there are numerous events that are specifically dedicated to education and outreach. Classical:NEXT is the international classical music meeting for all sectors and thus the ideal opportunity for anybody working in music education to not only meet each other but to reach out to other sectors.

Your Benefits:

  • Get an extensive overview of the current scene and new trends in a minimum amount of time.
  • Take home concrete examples and "know-how" from the conference that you can use in your everyday work.
  • Find out about new technology and how it could help to foster music outreach.
  • Be inspired to take on new adventures, new projects, new cooperations.

    Here is a handy pdf to download and share highlighting some of the most important benefits of Classical:NEXT. Feel free to download it and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

    Watch attendees talk about their experience at Classical:NEXT 2016:

    Delegates' statements recorded impromptu at Classical:NEXT 2016, video by Theresa Beschnidt

    Anything we've missed? Tell us what you are looking for and how Classical:NEXT could be (or already is) the place to find that! It would be wonderful if you could find the time and write a short email