Kim Rafael Nyberg

manager, composer

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  • Afenginn


Composer, musician, bandleader in Afenginn. Living in Denmark. Born 1976 in Finland.

Afenginn has released six albums, received numerous awards, been part of the Danish Arts Foundation's 'The Young Elite' and has appeared at festivals like Roskilde Festival, SXSW, Tonder Festival, SPOT, St.Gallen Open Air, Stimmen, Penang World Music Festival in Malaysia and many more.

Afenginn was founded in 2002 in Copenhagen by Kim Rafael Nyberg from Finland and Rune Kofoed from Denmark. They quickly assembled a crew of fellow musicians also willing to stray from the beaten track and explore new sounds. Using mandolin, violin, clarinet, bass and drums, Afenginn combined the mystic melancholy of Scandinavian folk with the rhythmic energy of Balkan music, a mix that worked particularly well at gigs, where Afenginn proved that their name – an Old Norse expression for intoxication and strength - had
not been chosen idly.

The orchestra thus played a central role in creating the wave of Balkan music Denmark saw in the 00s, but always went their own way: They were offered their first record contract after playing a gig on the Faroe Islands in a sunken fishing boat that had been turned into a miniature venue. They played with symphonic orchestras and participated in ballet productions, where amazing
choreography was created to Afenginn’s original music.

Later they released the concept album Reptilica Polaris with brass and male choir - an album that kicked off a concert concept, where Afenginn perform together with local classical choirs in different parts of the world.

With their fifth album LUX from 2013, Afenginn began to turn away from what they themselves had called “bastard ethno” sound. “We did it the way a classical group would work,” Nyberg said at the time. “I think the result is somewhere between cinematic chamber music and Sigur Rós.”

OPUS is now taking them further down this road: Nyberg constructed the album like a classical symphony, consisting of four movements, each of them about 20 minutes long and interconnected by recurring motifs and rhythms.

When there were any vocals on their records at all, then they had their lyrics created by Timo Haapaniemi, an old friend of Nyberg, who blended elements from different languages like Latin, Finnish, Spanish or German into associative, surreal lines. Nyberg, responsible for all Afenginn compositions, explains: “I want to use a unique language which dots to curiosity and that suits our musical universe”

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