"Cybermemories - Music for EWI" - Cameron Lam

Cameron Lam
  • artist:Cameron Lam
  • featured artist:Peter Smith
  • release year:2016
  • style(s):Electronic, Classical Music
  • country:Australia
  • formats:Audio File / Digital,
  • record submitted by:APRA AMCOS
  • label:Kammerklang
  • publisher:Kammerklang
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EWI‐ist Peter Smith and composer Cameron Lam delve deep into the sonic possibilities of the Akai EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) in
this new full‐length digital album.

Celebrating a collaboration that spans eight years of shared passion, for both music and videogames, Cybermemories merges the fun energy of early videogame music with the powerful expression of contemporary classical music.

In addition to solo and multi‐tracked works (a specialty of Peter's YouTube channel, Soundole VGM Covers), the album features pieces with string quartet, percussion and piano ‐ including the piano reduction of Cameron's EWI concerto, Electric Phoenix.

Read more about Cybermemories here: kammerklang.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/presenting-cybermemories/