"Fragments of Solitude: Song Cycle" - Cameron Lam

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    Cameron Lam
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    Amelia Golding, Alison Cameron
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    • Contemporary
    • Classical Music
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    • Audio File / Digital
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Fragments of Solitude is based on the exquisite translation of Luis de Góngora’s The Solitudes by Edith Grossman, published in 2012. The work is immense, so I have taken glimpses and fragments of the text rather than whole 2000 lines but I thoroughly recommend reading the full text if this piece has interested you in any way.

Rather than a strict setting of Góngora’s narrative I instead wanted to follow the fragments of the pilgrim’s journey as a metaphor of self-exploration and the power and terror of solitude, the time when we get know ourselves.

Each song deals with a different section of the pilgrim’s journey and another aspect of the self.

released December 14, 2015

Composer: Cameron Lam
Author: Luis de Góngora
Translator: Edith Grossman

Soprano: Amelia Golding
Piano: Alison Cameron
Sound Engineer: James Passfield

Cover Art: Hayden Shepherd Photography


Cameron Lam


Photo: Hayden Shepherd

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