Belgian Saxophone Ensembel


Twelve mouth-pieces, 120 fingers, 304 keys – but just one aim: to play their hearts out! At each of its concerts the Belgian Saxophone Ensemble tries to create a unique unrepeatable world of sound with which the audience feels completely involved. The BSE has set itself the artistic challenge of crossing the borders between different musical categories - contemporary, classical, jazz, improvised and traditional music. The unique sound of the BSE is achieved by both the exploration of the rich array of possibilities of the saxophone and the presence of nearly all the instruments of the extended saxophone family. The musicians in the Belgian Saxophone Ensemble have full mastery of all aspects of their instruments, and demonstrate their skill with acrobatic ease. Director of the BSE is Cezariusz Gadzina, the founder and the first conductor of the European Saxophone Ensemble.
The ensemble’s repertoire consists mainly of pieces specially written for it. Its music range from avant-garde to neo-classical, sometimes it swings, sometimes it grooves….
Above that the impressive sight of twelve different saxophonists performing together in various combinations makes for an unforgettable spectacle.