Line up

  • Anna Ciborowska (piano)
  • Cezariusz Gadzina (saxophones)
  • Christophe Devisscher (double bass)
  • Lionel Beuvens (drums)


The artists of Exprezz have long been attracted by the idea of the musician as an improviser. The pressure to produce perfect performances has gradually led to the emergence of entirely separate musical professions: you have to be either an instrumentalist or a composer. We think this process has taken something very valuable away from us musicians. That’s why we had the idea of putting together a group where classical and jazz musicians could share their experience. Exprezz’s repertoire is basically built on classical works. The acoustic fabric of these works gives us a pretext for improvisation in different styles. New musical structures come into being as a result: collages of classical and jazz timbres which the musicians play around with. This leads to new discoveries both for the performers and the listener…