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Believe Digital GmbH

Am Gasteig 15
82396 Pähl/ Munich

Dance All Day GmbH is a global player in digital & physical music distribution & as well as eBooks and printed books.

public contact

  • phone: +49 (0)861 166 17-17
  • eMail: email to Believe Digital GmbH public contact

business contact

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  • Publisher
    • Books
    • Music
  • Records
    • Distribution
    • Manufacturing
  • Services
    • Multimedia/Online
  • Trade
    • Online-Shop

participating in

  • Classical:NEXT 2015
  • Classical:NEXT 2013
  • Classical:NEXT 2012

company description

Via it's main two arms, for digital distribution & digital services plus Nova MD for physical distribution including the distribution of eBooks and printed publications as well, Dance All Day GmbH is a global player on the rise with a technological edge.


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