Bert Helsen

participation in

  • Classical:NEXT 2017

Bert Helsen is bassoon solo in the National Orchestra of Belgium. He started with a new ensemble HAFTCRAFT. The idea of the ensemble is based on the idea ‘ The Bassoon in a Hybrid Context’ or (‘presenting the bassoon in several different kind of instrumental and stylistic combinations.’) So there is:
- a program with different kinds of compositions for Bassoon, Double Bassoon and stringquintet.
-a contemporary program with the piano player Geert Callaert.
-a project ‘Variations on a Persian Theme’ within they try to find a new hybrid musical style between Iranian traditional music and European classical music. (stringquartet, bassoon and soprano) and
-a project ‘7 Tears’ with the Astria OboeTrio and the archlutist Wim Maeseele. music: John Dowland and Tõnu Kõrvits, video: Mark Raidpere.

-In April 2016 Bert Helsen was invited as a soloist on the first edition of the Tehran Contemporary Music Festival.
-In March 2017 he will perform some concert with HaftCraft in Bozar (Brussels) and Amuz (Antwerp) and playing a recital with the clarinet player Roeland Hendrikx.
-In April 2017, he will tour with the HaftCraft (septet)ensemble in China where they play six concerts in the area of Shanghai.

Bert Helsen

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