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Bloomline Acoustics is the inventor of OmniWave, the Inaudible Loudspeaker, a revolutionary tool for Concert Audio.

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  • Classical:NEXT 2017

company description

In an ideal world the concert hall matches your orchestration, in the real world you may rely on Omniwave, a revolutionary tool for Active Acoustics. Omniwave supersedes the loudspeaker point source that inevitably distracts from your musical scenery. Instead, Omniwave brings a virtual source with omnidirectional sound stability that serves both performers and audience. OmniWave integrates seamlessly with any acoustic environment, enabling inaudible amplification and natural acoustic rebalancing. Omniwave’s novel solutions for creating a free scalable listening area, without sweet spots and limiting sight lines, are presented here by our NL representative WG Theatertechniek.


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