Carmina Slovenica

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    • Contemporary
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    Carmina Slovenica
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    Music Theatre Production
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Carmina Slovenica works as a production house covering a variety of activities.
These include the production of concerts and staged projects, festivals, publishing, education and several vocal casts.
Carmina Slovenica is a top-level ensemble who left a mark on the international environment as a collective noted for the concept of Choregie, and widening the field of music and art by bringing freshness , anintensity of experience and communication to the music scene.
Award-winning conductor and the ensemble’s artistic director, Karmina Šilec developed the concept with the resulting effect leaning towards a new musical experience or ‘new age’ that crosses cultural, spiritual and religious boundaries. In this Video Showcase, three unique projects Placebo, Toxic Psalm and Was haben gegen Bauern, gnädige Frau? will be shown, revealing Carmina Slovenica’s preference for performing early and ethnic compositions as well as contemporary works. Following the screening, Šilec will elaborate on the Choregie concept and share its reception both by audiences and critics.



Carmina Slovenica


Toxic Psalms, foto Dorian Šilec PetekToxic Psalms, foto Dorian Šilec PetekToxic Psalms, foto Dorian Šilec PetekToxic Psalms, foto Rudi Uran

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