Classical:NEXT 2018 Venue De Doelen

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My Name is Floria

Pleasure Garden

Chamber Made/Permission to Speak

Lumens by Video Phase

El Sistema Greece

Cryptic presents See you later

Hesbjerg revisited by Via Artis Konsort

Hwaeom Residency

A Marvelous Order

The Nutcracker and I, by Alexandra Dariescu

Unknown, I Live With You

Concerto for iPad and Orchestra

She She Pop & zeitkratzer: The Ocean is Closed


Video for a Mobile World

Classical Music for Young Audiences

The Researching Orchestra

Print is Dead! Long Live Print!

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Do You Want Me?


Crossing the Pond

The Good (old) Days




Opportunities for Artists and Labels in Streaming

Drumming Up Support


Abo and FEVIS Network Meeting: Small is Beautiful

Festivals Network Meeting

Orchestra Network Meeting

Asia Pacific Basin Network Session

Belle Chen

Derek Gripper

Edge Ensemble

B3: Brouwer Trio

Cuarteto Q-Arte

Kirill Richter

PEP (Piano and Erhu Project)


Roomful of Teeth

Orchestra/Music Education

Managing the Careers of Artists and Festival Directors

Orchestra and Concert Management - The Tech Behind

Zero - Budget Entrepreneurship

Who Said That the French Market Was Inaccessible?

Contemporary music: France and export

European Agenda for Music - Let's Join Voices!

"Who Said France Was Not Up for Business? "

Digital innovation : New Tools, Old Tricks ?

Latin America Network Meeting

Global Indieclassical Network Meeting

Chloé & Vassilena Serafimova

Quatuor Hermès

Accroche Note

Approaching New Classical Music Listeners Online

Postcard Pitches

Classical:NEXT Orientation for New Delegates

Juliette Hurel

Quatuor Van Kuijk

Alexandre Tharaud

Les Voix Animées

Innovation Award Ceremony

What You Need To Know About The French Market.

Structured Networking Session for the Live Sector

Dignity at work

GDPR Coffee Talk