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Whichever of our productions you have in front of you, two things are certain: it will be colorful and exceptional. We are dedicated to outstanding contemporary music and the visions of those who make it.

col legno literally means “with the wood”. Once upon a time this unconventional technique enabled string players to expand the variety of sound produced by their instruments in unheard-of ways. Today we at col legno dedicate the same playful open-mindedness to music.

We want to share our music with you because it is precious and unique – and because it broadens our minds. col legno is a family – become part of it.

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  • Classical:NEXT 2018
  • Classical:NEXT 2014
  • Classical:NEXT 2013
  • Classical:NEXT 2012


"Tanz! (Franz)" - Franui

"Trio Catch" - Sanh

"Smaragd" - Federspiel

"iris electrum" - iris electrum

"Oeo" - Alma

"Anima" - Arvo Pärt

"Imaginative Reflections" - Xiaoyong Chen

"Nodding Terms" - Ketan Bhatti

"Ständchen der Dinge" - Franui