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'Andante' is the first and only nationwide classical music magazine in Turkey, founded in 2002 by Serhan Bali.

Australian Music Centre Ltd

Service organisation for Australian art music composers and sound artists; promoting and distributing repertoire and digital content.

Balearic Islands Government - Fira B!

Governmental Export Office from the Balearic Islands (Spain)

Believe Digital GmbH

Dance All Day GmbH is a global player in digital & physical music distribution & as well as eBooks and printed books.

Cyprus Music Information Center

Cyprus Music Information Centre (CyMIC) promotes and encourages development, production and appreciation of the music created by Cypriot composers.

DINSIC Publicacions Musicals, S.L.

DINSIC publishes all-level music education works, as well as critical studies and whole-range instrumental and choir repertoir mainly by Catalan comp.

Donemus Publishing

Donemus is a publishing house for Dutch contemporary classical music.

Ernst Krenek Forum BetriebsgesmbH

The Ernst Krenek Forum in Krems is the window to the public that represents the complex and comprehensive legacy of Ernst Krenek’s artistic work.