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A Filetta / Sarl Deda

Since 1978, dozens of repertoires, 23 albums, 40 000 to 50 000 spectators each year…

Alba Records

Alba is the leading Finnish classical label. Known for its quality discs and the winner of numerous awards.

Aliud Records

Visit us at stand 47: Aliud Records, a dutch label with worldwide distribution. Working with young upcoming musicians to create a platform for them.

Alto Distribution

Alto Distribution offers a world wide network of physical and digital music distribution for classical labels. Uniquely low commission rates offered.

Analogy Records

Analogy Records is the world’s first record label to produce contemporary artists at its recording studio, distributing ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES.

Arion Music

more then 1000 recordings of classical and traditional music; started in 1962 : good technical and artistic quality and "première" repertoire