Edith Nicol

General Coordinator

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  • Constantinople


INTEREST: development of cultural and artistic productions.

FIELD: classical music, folk music and performing arts from Mediterranean shores, East and Asia.

FOCUS: India, Iran.

>>> SINCE MARCH 2012 <<<

> General coordination at CONSTANTINOPLE ENSEMBLE (Canada).


> FREELANCER - conducting artistic surveys, mainly in India, Burma, Maghreb - designing artistic projects related to oral traditions - organizing Indian music performances ;

> Artistic coordination at FEZ WORLD SACRED MUSIC FESTIVAL (Morocco);

> Development, communications and production management at LES ORIENTALES and OS ORIENTAIS FESTIVALS (France & Portugal);

> Artistic advice in collaboration with Alain Weber - working with artists, institutions and performances organizers in France (Cité de la musique, Salle Pleyel, Quai Branly museum, Vuitton Foundation...) and abroad (Nagaur Sufi Festival, MITO Festival...) - supporting of projects - preparing of media communications, press releases and programme notes - proof-reading and editing, etc.;

> Communications and tour management at ZAMAN PRODUCTION (France, Europe);

> Administration and production management at MMM FESTIVAL, Music of the Mountains (Switzerland);

> Artistic coordination and production management at L'ORIENTALE AFRICAINE FESTIVAL (Tunisia);

> Project management at the CITÉ DE LA MUSIQUE for an European Summer Academy - oral traditions (France) ;

> Communications management at GUIMET, THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ASIAN ARTS (France);


STUDIES: Philosophy, esthetics & musicology, information & communication, cultural development & project management.

CONCLUSION: music traveler.