"Les Ballets Russes" - Elena ROZANOVA

  • artist:Elena ROZANOVA
  • region:Île de France
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):Classical Music
  • country:France
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:CONTINUO Musique
  • label:CONTINUO Classics
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" By practicing concerts for over 15 years I have seen a change in public taste, which shows curiosity for performances with a fairly specific topic bringing together a diversity of arts and much wider than before styles. The ballet scenes accompanied or (better yet ..! ) stage directory with piano is a fine example of this new wanders live shows that are " ballet and piano recital".
" The idea for this project came to me with both the desire to think outside the box , and the desire to present the French public, who in the meantime I thus became very familiar with the best possible image and most comprehensive russia . That's why I thought a sort of anthology of ballets russes . The mythical " Russian Seasons" Serge Diaghilev were a huge success in Paris since their inception in 1909. All these new musical and choreographic works have emerged on the best scenes in Paris and built in a way a new era in the field of dance , music and painting in France . From Tchaikovsky to Prokofiev and Stravinsky , the listener can follow this evolution through the best extracts of the Ballets Russes . " Elena Rozanova

« His Stravinsky is violent and primitive concern with this archaic bringing the Rite of Spring. Equally uncompromising arises Romeo and Juliet. Dancing, bitter, a beauty without make-up, he throws the musical ideas and rhythms with a loathing of all romantic effect. A magnificent record ! » Pianiste magazine - S.Friederich