Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic Trio

The Stahlhammer Klezmer Orchestra, originally consisting of Semmy’s grandfather, uncles and friends was founded around 1910 in Krasnik, a little town south of Lublin in Poland. The orchestra gave concerts and played at weddings and parties. After the Nazi invasion of Poland 1939, the Jews in Krasnik, including the orchestra members were deported to extermination camps. Above the musicians are seen with mandolins, guitars and balalaikas, but they also played violin, cello, bass, harmonica, trumpet and drums. The orchestra played traditional Jewish Eastern European music and popular tunes. Semmy’s grandfather Zisel also ran a dance school and a barber shop. Semmy’s grandmother Miriam and great-grandmother Itka were nurses and barber surgeons. Semmy continues the family tradition with the Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic ensemble. He is author of the book Codename Barber which describes his family’s life and fate before, during and after World War II.