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15 Bis Rue de La Doulline
69340 Francheville Le Haut

Management of the Gypsy Philharmonic Orchestra and Charlie and the Soap Opera.
Agent of Rock The Ballet and Budapest Bar.

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  • phone: +33 478590074
  • eMail: email to Cypress Music public contact

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  • Artist
    • Agent/Booker
    • Manager
  • Promoter
    • Concert Promoter
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  • Classical:NEXT 2015

company description

Cypress Music was founded on January 1999 by Xavier and Jacotte. It succeed to Rainbow Concerts which was one of the mayor companies in the French show business production.

Since 1999, Cypress Music has only had one goal, promoting their artist around the world.

We use to work with several artists.
We now mainly work with the danse company Rock The Ballet, booking their 2 shows in worldwide*: Rock The Ballet and Romeo & Juliet.
We also manage Charlie and the Soap Opera, and work with the Gypsy Philharmonic Orchestra, and Budapest Bar on their schedule and communication.

Our second company, A.A. Organisation, is a promoting company for France.

* Excepted in Germany, Austria and German Switzerland







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