Line up

  • Hugo Blouin  (double bass, vocals )
  • Marc Maziade  (tenor banjo, electric guitar, foot percussion, voc)
  • Pierre-Olivier Dufresne (fiddle, foot percussion, vocals)
  • Roxane Beaulieu (keyboards, vocals)


In a flow of folk, jazz and electro, MAZ juggles with creation and tradition, celebrating Québécois lore while embracing modern streams. Carrying on their own fiery fiddling, thundering foot percussion and rousing reels, they connect their roots to jazz wizardry and global dance grooves. It’s old and new, rustic and high-tech all at once: it’s a statement on tradition and modernity, grown out of collective jam sessions within the thriving Québécois scene.
With their first two albums receiving no less than 13 top Canadian award nominations, MAZ’s music has proven its category-defying appeal across the board. As leader Marc Maziade says: it’s not about labels, it’s about what inspires us, what opens us to the other ; what makes us gather, sing, dance and rejoice – it’s about the music!