Dark Music Days

Dark Music Days is an Icelandic winter festival of contemporary and new music.

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During the darkest period of the Icelandic winter a festival of contemporary and new music is taking place in the beating cultural heart of Reykjavík, where pioneering native composers and performers will, alongside top international artists, explore and experiment with the fundaments of musical performance.

Founded in 1980 by the Iceland Composers Society, Dark Music Days is the most established music festival in Iceland and has expanded to welcome performers from around the world.

The festival will run from 31st January – 2nd of February 2019 at the award-winning Harpa concert hall and other venues in the centre of Reykjavík.

Confirmed artists at Dark Music Days 2019 include Iceland Symphony Orchestra (IS), Caput Ensemble (IS), Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra (IS), Nordic Affect (IS) and Riot Ensemble (UK).

Artistic director: Gunnar Karel Másson
General Manager: Valdís Þorkelsdóttir
Contact: darkmusicdays@gmail.com




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