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Dart Music is the first fully-automated distribution platform for classical music. Dart tackles the complex metadata issues facing this industry.

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What would the world look like with “clean” metadata... Enhanced searchability? Accurate payments? Hours of manpower focusing on the right business needs? As an independent musician, composer, classical label president and former Apple technologist, Founder & CEO Chris McMurtry spent extensive time dealing with complex metadata issues both personally and professionally. When he did not find a solution in the marketplace he decided to build it and Dart Music Inc. was born. The initial product entered the marketplace September 2015, launching the first automated digital distribution platform specifically designed to handle the complex metadata of genres such as Classical music. In 2016 Dart Music will release The Music Metadata Engine, a powerful solution to clean up metadata and provide new levels of accuracy & efficiency. Go to engine.dartmusic.com to learn more.


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