Francesca Galofre Mora


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  • DINSIC Publicacions Musicals, S.L.


She was born in Barcelona in 1956, where she did her primary and secondary studies, as well as her music studies (the requisite courses) in the Conservatorio Superior Municipal de Música de Barcelona. She studied the elective courses under the direction of different people, schools and entities.

In 1972 she began her activity as a music teacher in schools and other entities. The activities she has worked on include: teaching how to play the recorder, music teacher of EGB, teacher of musical language (Elementary Music School), presenting musical auditions for scholars, conductor of a children's choir, music teacher teaching courses for the formation of music teachers, etc.

She has also participated in different concerts playing the recorder, as a member of the choir (children and adults).

Founder of the Escola Municipal de Música de Premià de Mar in 1979 and founding member of other cultural and artistic entities in Premià de Mar. She graduated in music (with the superior title of the CSMMB) and has published several books on how to teach music to children. In 1988 she founded Dinsic Publicacions Musicals, an editorial specializing in musical topics and themes, which has opened new horizons in the field of music publication in Spain.

She is currently directing her company, and at the present time is in the editing process as an author of books and other materials to be used for the purpose of teaching music.

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