ALMA wins the German World Music Award "Festival-RUTH" 2017

ALMA (c) Daliah Spiegel

Alma won the RUTH 2017, one of the four yearly awards from Rudolstadt-Festival, the biggest German World Music Festival [TFF Rudolstadt!]( with around 80.000 too 100.000 guests.

The jury review:
"Fly, dear soul, fly... Five musicians from Austria, four women and a man, are letting their souls (in Spanish: almas) fly free and cross musical borders. Their backgrounds in Jazz, folk and classical music serve as a starting point for delightful experimentations. “You have to have roots to be able to improvise” believes Alma. Their music is Alpine and Transalpine, lyrical and lively, intelligent and entertaining, and blows a wonderful refreshing new breeze on the (string) music from Central Europe. Musica con alma y vida, music with heart and soul. In any musical language, that is praiseworthy."_
(Jury, German Worldmusic Award RUTH, [])


article submitted by:Christina Sanoll, diverted music