"The dark project" - Dna

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    Mark E.Smith,Vassilis Tzavaras,Leonidas Karakatsanis,Pemi Zouni,Theodosia Tsatsou,Hara Yiannakopoulou
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    • Electronic
    • Rock
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    • Video CD
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This work is inspired by the human subconscious and its dark aspects ; the authors and producers of the soundtrack for Mega Channel's series "Surface", decompose, regenerate and reverse the same music, composing a collection of 12 instrumentals and 9 songs. The music video for the song "Misery" by Mark E. Smith is included and it’s based on the short film of Emmanuella Fragkiadaki "Junction". Pemi Zouni , Astralon , and Theodosia Tsatsou (performing the only Greek -speaking song of the album ), are also participating.

Awards : ΕΒΓΕ (EVGE) best award for art cover & site 2003




The dark project

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