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  • Vassilis Tzavaras (vocals, piano, guitar, loops)
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    • Experimental
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    Band, Solo, Composer/Songwriter
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    instrumental, vocal
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Vassilis Tzavaras
musician, composer, singer(guitar, piano)

Born in Paris (March 2, 1973) moved in Athens Greece at the age of five. Took piano lessons for a year but didn't like his teacher. Started guitar lessons at the age of 13. After finishing school studied jazz guitar, jazz improvisation, singing, harmony,counterpoint and composition. Since 1993 co-founder of the groups: Occasional Dream, Take the money and run, Project 37, Belleville Duet, 4+1, Silent move.

Genres: blues, jazz, swing, folk,, improvised, free, experimental, electronisa

During the past three years his main interests are composing and improvising. He plays piano, guitar and sings.

Dna Lab_el presents:

1)Songs in a room.
"Songs in a room", the first personal album of Vasilis Tzavaras is a night walk guided by a piano, an almost autobiographical musical journey
in a dimly lit room.
The album contains 6 new tracks of the author and 7 covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and George Douglas / George D. Weiss.

2) Vassilis Tzavaras' second album entitled "Enclosure".

Guitar soloing and improvisations.

Vassilis Tzavaras performs six tracks of improvised music, which draw inspiration from ambient, electronica, experimental music and noise. All tracks have been recorded live, with the aim of exploring the interplay of guitar sound, loops and effects.

i. Afternoon
ii. Within
iii. Hidden
iv. The mirror

i. Penetrating light
ii. Inside / Outside




Vassilis Tzavaras


Songs in a roomSongs in a roomSongs in a roomvassilis tzavarasvassilis tzavarasfield improvisingworkingimprovising



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Vassilis Tzavaras Songs in a room

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