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Programming, performing designing, new music in a surprising way!

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Ever since 1990 the DoelenEnsemble brings listeners classical music of the 20th & 21st century. A broad and striking repertoire is played within continuously changing specifications ranging from chamber music to large scorings with regular presentations of theatre music. DoelenEnsemble concerts are of an internationally recognized high standard challenging audiences with their particular constitution of pieces. Young and up-coming composers are combined with recent masterpieces in which thematic connections give a completely new context to individual pieces. In short, classical music as it is seldom heard and experienced.

Since 2012 Maarten van Veen is CEO. He is re-inventing the artistic view and goal of the Ensemble, resulting in an almost complete sold out season of the year 2015-16. Fundamental to the programming for this series is a selection of some of the most original currents of contemporary composition since 1910. These adventurous and igniting programs are presented in accessible and attractive concerts. The larger orchestral concerts are conducted by chief conductor Arie van Beek. The ensemble has a current outreach of 15000 visitors, generated by 56 concerts each year.







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