Sabino Manzo

Artistic Manager


Born in Bari in 1970.
He studied at the Conservatory "N. Piccinni", piano and composition and Milan choral music, choral and orchestral conducting, graduating with honors.
Trained under the guidance of M ° Marco Berrini, is perfected with S. Korn, F.M. Bressan, F. Bernius, P. Neumann, G.Graden for direction. In composition studies with B. Putignano, F.Donatoni, L.Macchi, P.Rotili. In piano with A. Annese.
E 'active under the leadership since 1998, founding and directing the vocal and instrumental group "Florilegium Vocis."
Since 2002, he directed "Harmonia" chorus and orchestra of the University of Bari, the choir and the orchestra of Poly Bari "Biagio Grimaldi", the Diocesan Choir of Bari, Bari Vallisa in the Choir, Ars Cantica Choir of Milan, Milan Vocal Ensemble, with whom he has played numerous concerts and tours in Italy and Europe.
He has worked with masters: Marco Berrini, Rino Brown, Ovidiu Balan, Peter Tiboris, Marco Angius, Aldo Ceccato.
He has performed his directing groups in the cities of Madrid, Malaga, Szczecin, Olstyn, Conque, Paris, Bonn, Belfort, Tirana, Korce, and many Italian cities.
He directed the Ensemble Florilegium, the Chamber Orchestra "N.Rota", the Orchestra of the University of Bari, the Orchestra of the University of Salerno, the Bottega Harmony, Ensemble Meridies performing important works of the historical and contemporary repertoire for a cappella choir, choir and instruments, choir and orchestra.
He is currently artistic director of the Florilegium Vocis Choir & Orchestra and the Ass. Poly Bari "Biagio Grimaldi" in Bari as chief conductor of the choir.
Engaged in teaching, has played courses, workshops and discussions in the direction, analysis, teaching methods, interpretation, in countless cities and associations in Italy and abroad (Milan, Aosta, Malaga, Alexandria).
E 'was professor of choral exercises at the Conservatory of Music "A. Vivaldi" in Alessandria for the year 2011. It 'currently Professor of Harmony and choral conducting at the Diocesan Institute of Sacred Music in Bari
It 'been a member of the artistic committee Arcopu 2009-2012.
Since 2012 worked as assistant conductor to Maestro Berrini at the National Choir of the CEI "Giovanni Maria Rossi."

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