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Festival Música Estranha / ÁguaForte

Rua Manoel Da Nóbrega, 1610
04001-005 Sao Paulo
São Paulo


Exploratory music and all type of cross genres

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participating in

  • Classical:NEXT 2017
  • Classical:NEXT 2016
  • Classical:NEXT 2015
  • Classical:NEXT 2014
  • Classical:NEXT 2013

company description

We are a brazilian music label and agency that seeks to develop and promote the best contemporary music around to a diverse and qualified audience in the form of top quality reference records, scores and special exploratory music projects .

As our passion for music has no boundaries, we work with exploratory music, crossing the lines of classical, jazz and brazilian popular music.

Listening to our releases is a guarantee of nice surprises. And as we are open to partnerships worldwide, if you like what you hear don't hesitate to give us a call.




  • Marcus Siqueira

    date:21 Aug 2013
    city:São Paulo, SP

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