Willy Corrêa de Oliveira

Know as one of the creators of the Manifesto Musica Nova (New Music Manifest) in 1963 clamming for a total compromise with the contemporary world, Willy Correa de Oliveira still in full activity today.

Willy Correa de Oliveira's musical writing is born from an acute sense, together with a precise criterion of codifying ideas.

AguaForte was responsible for a project named "O Presente" that comprehends a significant part of his recent works (from 1989 to 2004) for solo piano and for voice and piano. It fills a significant gap in publishing unfamiliar works of one of Brazil's greatest composers.

"O Presente" consists in a double CD in slip case with 64 pages English/Portuguese booklet, considered by composer Gilberto Mendes "the best album released in the Brazilian music scene in years", and 2 score albums, with a total of 300 pages, in the first edition of Willy's works in 25 years.


Willy Corrêa de Oliveira


"O Presente" double CDManuscript for "Miserere +" (1999)



3 Instantes (1977) - Instante I

Piano: Caio Pagano


The storm of the stars in the sky will turn to quiet (1997)

Piano: Isabel Kanji

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