New Dimensions of Concerto Music

NG Cheuk Yin - Composer, Sheng Performer, Acapella Singer, Music Producer
Flyer of Fly's Premiere Concert by Hong Kong Sinfonietta


White - composed by NG Cheuk Yin, performed by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta in 2007
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Looking for some new exciting contemporary orchestral works? We recommend these pieces consisting fusion of musical ideas composed by Ng Cheuk Yin, a renowned composer in Hong Kong, who's famous for composing music melting down genres and cultures and bringing new exciting sounds.

1) FLY - a drumset concerto
2) WHITE - a Chinese percussion concerto
3) BEFORE THE CITY COLLAPSES - a double sheng concerto

FLY: The major differences between rock and orchestral music are the concepts of musical form and rhythm. Fly is built upon the rhythm and beat of the drumset and bass guitar, and the structure and form.

WHITE: Whiteness possesses a special quality. It feels and looks pure, romantic and naïve… but at the same time, it hints at some possible repression. Behind that stillness and harmony, there may be an abyss of danger waiting to explode.

BEFORE THE CITY COLLAPSES: is a reflection on the life cycle of an object – may it be the life cycle of a city, a country, an idea, a dream, or anything we care about – from its foundation, through progress, over-development, to destruction and its eventual collapse.

If you are interested in the pieces, please contact Miss Amanda Chui at, or visit stand No. 26 & 32.

article posted by:Amanda Chui, Flower Music Company Limited