Contemporary Music and childhood

DESDE FUERA DEL CENTRO is an artistic, pedagogic, social and independent project led by the Chilean composer Francisco Silva and the teacher Camila Roa. This innovative project promotes a democratic access to Contemporary Music in Chilean communities that have not had access to it.

One of its main aims is to develop the ability to listen to Contemporary Music without prejudging it in children from public schools.

This aim is reached through workshops, concerts, improvisation sessions and conferences. Prominent Chilean musicians participate in these activities as players and lecturers. These unique experiences have been filmed and two documentaries have been produced.

Due to its contribution to the promotion of Contemporary Music and to social transformation through music, “Desde Fuera del Centro” has taken part in several international activities such as the “1ST Seminar of Music and Social Transformation” in Colombia and the “Nuevas Músicas por la Memoria” festival in Argentina.

article submitted by:Francisco Javier Silva, From Outside The Center (Desde Fuera Del Centro)