Marcos Souza

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Marcos Souza
He is a pianist, a composer of soundtracks for films and dance presentations, and also was director of Atelier Cultural (1998-2017). Currently, Marcos Souza is the Director of Music at CEMUS, Musical Centre at Ministery of Culture in Brazil.
In 2004, he released his fifth album – “Marcos Souza” – which is the soundtrack from the documentary “Evandro Teixeira – Instantâneos da Realidade”. In 2005, he released the album "Chapada Diamantina" - soundtrack from the film “Brilhante”, directed by Conceição Senna. He also produced and conceived the film about his family: “3 Irmãos de Sangue”, directed by Angela Patricia Reiniger. And in 2006, he produced the soundtrack from the films “Iluminados” by Cris Leal and “Expedito” directed by Aida Marques.
Marcos worked together with the Brazilian Institution Sesc – Rio in projects of instrumental music. More than 300 important names of the Brazilian music played in his project. In 2005, he started to produce a Festival of World Music in Rio de Janeiro with Sesc –Rio, the Rio Sesc Internacional, with international musicians, whom, sometimes, played together with Brazilian musicians, such as: Abbdullah Chaddeh, from Syria; Ron Carter, from USA, and Hermeto Pascoal, Brazil; Rão Kyao and Pedro Jóia, from Portugal. In 2006, this project continued with Laura Fygi, from the Netherlands; Toninho Horta, from Brazil, with Rudi Berger, from Austria; and Jacques Morelembaum, from Brazil, with Ernst Reijsiger from the Netherlands.
In 2007 Marcos produced "Novocine", a Brazilian film festival in Spain, and he was also a marketing coordinator of a music online distributor La Central Digital for two years in Madrid.
By 2008, Marcos Souza screened his film “3 Irmãos de Sangue” in Tropentheater, together with Lilian Vieira in Amsterdam. In 2009, he moved to Amsterdam, where he produced a concert for Marcos Sacramento at the Bimhius and another concert for Leandro Braga at the Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam. He was an adviser of Brazilian films at the Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival at the Tropentheater. In 2009 he composed the soundtrack for a play called “Amor” and played live on a presentation. This play was produced by the theatre group Munganga. After that, he presented the soundtrack from the project Winds of Amsterdam, next to the dancer Badeen Pedawi at the Engelenbak Theatre. In this same year, he also screened the film “3 Irmãos de Sangue” at Glen Miller Café in Stockholm, and in Stuttgart next to the Dutch drummer Olaf Keus.
Marcos Souza returns to Brazil in 2011. He acts as a product manager for TV MultiRio in Rio de Janeiro. And in 2012 he released his 10th album called “Tempo”, also with improvisations to dance presentations.
Marcos was the director of production at Filarmônica de MG Orchestra from 2012 until 2015.
From 2015 until 2017 he was Executive Consulter from “Orquestra Ouro Preto”, as well as a curator of the Villa-Lobos Music Festival in Rio de Janeiro and president at Musimagem Brasil, Brazilian Association of Composers of Music for Audiovisual.

Marcos Souza

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