Elio La Salandra


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  • Helios Salah - Zauberarts Music


Elio La Salandra. Zauberarts-Dauniashop Owner since 2007. Pianist, Composer & IT Developer. BDCI (CIDIM) member since 2003. Now also reachable through www.contemporarymusic.it

[...] « Briefly, I essentially have two kinds of creative process: The first is rational almost to touch pedantry, and it is the ‘traditional’ one, with a pure compositional approach. The second is just as traditional as chaotic, almost animistic and based mainly on improvisation. I like to see both approaches of equal importance: some of my albums are completely improvised and some others are the result of a process that I like to call 'optimization of the idea'. Note that this process could last from ten minutes to ten years » [...]

« in this era I think that good music is the one that makes you laugh. The music that is frightening, is even better. The music that provides nagging or clever questions, instead of small emotions, it’s probably the best »

(excerpt from the interview made by safecreative and published on C-Magazine)

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