Het Collectief | Chamber Music Quintet

Brahms - Debussy - Stravinsky - Schoenberg

Het Collectief


Nearly twenty years ago a new quintet saw the light of day, the aim of which was to bring tradition and modernity in classical music closer to each other. After its inaugurating concert with Schoenberg’s 1906 ‘Kammersymphonie Opus 9’ (Chamber Symphony Opus 9), the ensemble was immediately referred to with the slightly derogatory label ‘contemporary’. But today’s history of music has moved ahead quite significantly in the sense that Schoenberg’s pioneering work is now generally regarded as the logical sequel to the late romantic masterworks of Brahms and Wagner.

In the turbulent years of the early decades of the twentieth century, a totally different, conflicting aesthetics was taking shape in Igor Stravinsky’s music. His career started with the ‘Ballets russes’ in Paris, under the approving eyes of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. And not even the atmosphere of scandal surrounding the creation of ‘Le sacre du printemps’ (The Rite of Spring) could prevent Stravinsky’s later work from conquering for itself quite rapidly a place in our collective memory.

Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano, J. BRAHMS
Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, C. DEBUSSY
Suite from 'A Soldier's Tale', I. STRAVINSKY
Chamber Symphony (arr. A. Webern), A. SCHOENBERG

12.05.2018 The Great Amber Liepaja (LV)
14.11.2018 CC De Brouckère Torhout (B)
11.01.2019 Maison de la Culture Amiens (F)
19.01.2019 CC Maasmechelen (B)
20.05.2019 Festival SONIK Quimper (F) (to be confirmed)