Frédéric D'haene, composer
Robin Engelen, conductor


Het Collectief will be interpreting two works connecting, in a particularly original manner, the spectral sound world with the notion of ‘time’. In ‘Vortex Temporum’, the French composer Gérard Grisey uses an arpeggio from Maurice Ravel’s ‘Daphnis and Chloé’, which he manipulates with the help of a multitude of spectral techniques, making it whirl round among the six musicians of the ensemble. The audience, accordingly, feels transported into a kind of manic euphoria, losing every notion of time and space. ‘Fluxus-Static Friction’ (2012), Frédéric D’haene’s new work commissioned by Het Collectief, tries to strike a balance between meditative and frenetic impulses. . The title conveys exactly what the work is all about: conjuring up a world of sounds in which static and dynamic elements co-exist harmoniously. This turns the composition into a metaphor for the ideal society, which is why there are also references to Buddhism.

Fluxus-static friction, F. D'HAENE
Vortex temporum, G. GRISEY

Het Collectief
Vincent Hepp, alto
Robin Engelen, conductor