"Feasts of Fear and Agony" - Het Collectief

Het Collectief
screenshot 'The Feasts' c helena.be
Liesbeth Devos, soprano - c helena.be
Vykintas Baltakas, conductor - c helena.be
rehearsing 'The Feasts' - c helena.be
Bram Van Camp, composer - c helena.be
The Feasts of Fear and Agony


CD recording composer's portrait Bram Van Camp
CD release November 2013
Outhere Music - Fuga Libera

The young Antwerp composer Bram Van Camp recently completed a new work for Het Collectief, inspired by Paul Van Ostaijen's 'De Feesten van Angst en Pijn' (The Feasts of Fear and Agony). The sound, the metre and especially the unusual graphic layout of these poems inspired the composer to create a musical version of them. To render both the auditive and visual complexities of Van Ostaijen's pioneering style graphically as faithfully as possible, Het Collectief could rely on video artist Klaas Verpoest. Together composer and video artist manage to transform Van Ostaijen's poetry into a realm in which music, text and image are brought into fusion. Soloist is soprano Liesbeth Devos. Conductor is Vykintas Baltakas.

We also recorded 'Music for Three Instruments' and 'Improvisations for Violin solo'.

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