"Berg & Zemlinsky Lieder, Busoni, Webern" - Het Collectief | Chamber Music Quintet

Het Collectief | Chamber Music Quintet
Het Collectief cast Berg & Zemlinsky Lieder
Reinbert De Leeuw, conductor
Het Collectief cast Berg & Zemlinsky Lieder
Katrien Baerts
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Berg & Zemlinsky Lieder, Busoni, Webern


In the twenties of the previous century, Arnold Schoenberg founded the ‘Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen’ (Society for Private Musical Performances) with the help of his pupils Alban Berg and Anton Webern. Programming chiefly recent works that had been refused at the official concert venues, the society kept aloof from the mainstream conservative concert life. For want of a complete orchestra, many composers of the time wrote down-sized versions of full-fledged orchestral works.

Even today, transcriptions of a comparable nature can be found. The adaptations of compositions by Berg, Webern and Zemlinsky by Reinbert de Leeuw, éminence grise of new music, are cases in point. With these adaptations, Het Collectief returns to a particularly interesting period, the Second Viennese School, torn between nostalgia for the romanticism of the nineteenth century and the inescapable push of modernity.

Berceuse Elégiaque Op. 42 (1909) ( arr. A. Schoenberg - 1920) F. BUSONI
Sieben frühe Lieder Opus 4 (1905-1908) ( arr. R. de Leeuw ) A. BERG
Sechs Gesänge nach Maeterlinck (arr. L. & E. Stein, R. de Leeuw) A. ZEMLINSKY
Passacaglia Opus 1 (arr. R. De Leeuw) A. WEBERN

Het Collectief o.l.v. Reinbert de Leeuw
Katrien Baerts, sopraan

Thomas Dieltjens, piano | Julien Hervé, clarinet | Wibert Aerts, violin | Martijn Vink, cello | Toon Fret, flute | Dirk Luijmes, harmonium | Vincent Hepp, violin | Florian Peelman, alto | Odile Simon, double bass | Piet Van Bockstal, hobo