Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Virtual Orchestra


To promote orchestral music in Hong Kong, and to promote the annual outdoor symphonic event Swire Symphony Under the Star

The Concept
Singers and players across the city, and some from other parts of the world, are recruited to play music together across the Internet. We arranged a special edition of Offenbach’s Can Can, and put up the scores and click tracks on our website viewable all. Singers and players all recorded videos of themselves playing our score, and these videos are synchronized into one single video, creating a full virtual orchestra.

Applications are received across Hong Kong, also with some applications from the U.S. The campaign was part of the Swire Symphony Under the Stars outdoor symphonic event promotion, and it contributed to the popularity of the event - it was fully registered within 30 minutes, attracting over 20,000 audiences to the event. The final video also gained over 1,400 YouTube views and media coverages.