Calypso Rose The Lioness of the Jungle
IMZ World Music Film Screenings

  • event type: Festival
  • start date: 28 Oct 2011
  • time: 15:15 – 16:45
  • city/area: Copenhagen
  • venue:WOMEX 2011 / Forum Copenhagen / Cinema
  • country: Denmark
  • event submitted by: IMZ - International Music + Media Centre

Maturity productions

Genre Documentary | Production Company Maturity Productions (Trinidad And Tobago) | Co-Production Company Dynamo Productions (France) | Associated Production Company Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (Trinidad and Tobago) | Producer Jean Michel Gibert | Author Pascale Obolo | Source video/audio HD/Stereo | Recorded 2011 | Duration 85'

Calypso Rose is an ambassador of Caribbean music, a living legend, a charismatic character, the uncontested diva of Calypso Music. Paris, New York, Trinidad, Tobago, back to Africa, in each place, we learn a little more about the many faces and facets of her life. It is a film not only about memory, the exchange and discovery of world cultures, but also about the journey of a militant and authentic woman, an Afro-Caribbean soul, an exemplary artist, far from the glitz and glitter, at the dawn of her life.



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