The Endless Journey
IMZ World Music Film Screenings

  • event type: Festival
  • start date: 20 Oct 2012
  • end date: 20 Oct 2012
  • time: 17:35 - 18:15
  • city/area: Thessaloniki
  • venue:Helexpo
  • country: Greece
  • style(s):
    • Folk
  • event submitted by: IMZ - International Music + Media Centre


Genre Documentary | Production Company Molitor (Germany) | TV Director, Camera, Editor Jean Molitor | Author Sandra van Edig | Source video/audio DV/Stereo | Recorded Year 2012 | Duration 40' 01"

Taking positive action Etran Finatawa, Mamane Barka and Oumarou Adamou embarked on a road trip, The Endless Journey, to take their music to outlying schools across Niger. The musicians understand that losing cultural identity makes their country poor, but without a champion for diversity it’s a very bleak future indeed. Their intention was to inspire the children to value their cultural heritage by meeting musicians who have travelled and performed their traditions world wide. Keeping culture alive in times of globalisation means looking with one eye into the past and with the other, ahead in the future. For the acting musicians it is clear, culture and traditions must have a place in modern society. Internationally acclaimed photographer and film maker Jean Molitor accompanied them and documented this musical journey and the extraordinary response they received.



The Endless Journey

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