Javier Paxariño Trio

  • country:Spain
  • region:Andalusia
  • style(s):Jazz, Mediterranean
  • type:Trio
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, woodwind, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Kamala Producciones

Line up

  • Javier Paxariño (Saxo and ethnic flutes)
  • Josete Ordoñez (Spanish guitar, electric oud, mandola)
  • Manu de Lucena (Percussion & drums)


The Javier Paxariño Trio represents the vast mosaic of Spanish music in a contemporary setting. This new project is the sonic embodiment of passion, a cohesion of the three cultures present in Spanish music and the overall soundscape of Mare Nostrum. It's only when the rhythms of the Mediterranean come together can you find such combinations as the Maghreb Gnawa with the Ajechao rhythms from Extremadura, one of many gems to be found with the background tapestry of the Iberian Peninsula's cultural diversity. The music of the Javier Paxariño Trio goes beyond flamenco, it doesn't confine itself to just one style but in fact covers the wide range of nuances that make up the richness of Spanish culture.

JAVIER PAXARIÑO (Saxophones and Ethnic Flutes) is considered one of the best saxophonists in Spain. He is undoubtedly credited as one of the great fusion pioneers in Spain who combines musical traditions with the usage of original instruments from various cultures. His charismatic on stage performances, replete with indelible solos and tasteful accompaniment, never fail to demonstrate his fluency in diverse musical tongues and confirm his reputation of being one of the most complete artists in Spain.
Ranging from jazz to folk, Javier Paxariño’s musical career is wide and versatile, full of collaborations in musical projects. Among other projects Javier has been a member of Radio Tarifa and he has collaborated with many artists such as Kevin Ayers, Joaquín Sabina, Kepa Junquera, among others.
It is worth noting his creative collaboration with composer Alberto Iglesias for the soundtracks like The constant gardener and and The Kite Runner(Both nominated for the Oscar awards for best soundtrack)


- Dagas de Fuego sobre el Laberinto, 2014, just released
- Ouroboros, 2002 nominated for Best New Music Album at the 2004 Music Awards.
- Perihelión, 1996 inspired by Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan African music.
- Temurá, 1994 based on the three cultures of Andalusian Spain (Jewish, Christian and Muslim). This album was sold in Europe, USA and Japan. The group is selected to represent New Music in Spain at Pop Kom in Germany.
- Pangea, 1992 a musical journey across different continents with great national success.
- Espacio Interior 1988 was very well received by specialist critics.