Gabriele Panico

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Composer Gabriele Panico explores the world of contemporary music. He has always investigated the potential developments of modern musical language writing for soloists, chamber ensembles and orchestras, working with acoustic instruments and electronic processes. His works include “Massafoneta” (2005), “Adastra Peraspera” (2007), “Alunaarii” (2006), “PL” (2006), “ Paesaggio Sonoro Tra 15 e 25 Metri: Campanili” (Soundscape between 15 and 25 meters: Bell Towers) (2004) and “Pernambuco” (2009). These have been performed at the Tokyo National Academy, the E-Muzik Prize in Cologne, the Espace IRCAM in Paris, the Taukay Festival in Udine, the Risonanzexpò in Pescara, the De Musica – Rome Laboratories, the National Film Archive of Rome and the Urticanti Festival in Bari. Since 2005, Gabriele Panico has been collaborating with the International Archive of Contemporary Music, which hails him as one of the leading performers and scholars of European Tape Music (Stockhausen, Boulez, Xenakis, Nono, and Ligeti). In 2013,
the Experimental Music Magazine introduced him with the following words: “The music of Gabriele Panico appears to us similar to an unknown place in which Gyorgy Ligeti meets Ornette Coleman,
where Flemish Polyphony encounters Electroacoustic Transfiguration. Panico moves towards the boundaries that were drawn by the great European masters of the twentieth century, while embracing at the same time the great legacy of the most radical improvisation”. Since 1998, Gabriele Panico has directed the Larssen network, which is dedicated to electronic music and has produced numerous albums and singles. He has taken part on a regular basis in the most important music festivals and networks (BBC, Radio Rai, Babel Med, Sziget, Resident Advisor, and Cidim). He has written several original soundtracks for films and documentaries produced by Rai Cinema, Rai TV, BBC, Bizef Prod, Vivofilm, Passo Uno, Erafilm, Gropius Movies, MIBAC and many more. He has also added a live soundtrack to films directed by Beckett, Cornell, Marker, Herzog and De Seta. Panico has written, directed and arranged music for Geir Jenssen, Steve Lacy, Lee Scratch Perry, Cristina Zavalloni, Jennie Abrahamson, Warsaw Chamber Orchestra, De Musica Open Octet, Ensemble 05, Ensemble Il Tempo Sospeso, Sonimage Avvistamenti, Popoli Global Meltin Pot Orch and many others.

Gabriele Panico

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