Gabriele Panico


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Composer, producer, performer and musicologist Gabriele Panico explores the world of contemporary music. He has always investigated the potential developments of modern musical language writing for soloists, chamber ensembles and orchestras, working with acoustic and electronic instruments.
“Chambertronics” is a solo electronic music project that combines composing and improvisation, concrete music and electronic processes. In a solo performance, Panico explores the contemporary chamber music textures and the amazing electronic transfiguration. The program contains composition from recent albums, “Orsobruto” (2016) and “Soundcarraldo” (2012), and the free forms style from his usual solo performances as “Vasconi” (since 2013, about the avant jazz) and “Radiotecniche” (since 2004, about the signal treatment).
In 2016, italian musicologist Fabrizio Versienti introduced him with the following words: “The music of Gabriele Panico seems an unknown place where Gyorgy Ligeti meets Ornette Coleman, where Flemish Polyphony encounters Electroacoustic Transfiguration. Panico moves towards the boundaries that were drawn by the great European masters of the twentieth century, while embracing at the same time the great legacy of the most radical improvisation”.

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