"Musica vera" - Symphonic works by Lithuanian composers

Symphonic works by Lithuanian composers
Musica vera


For birbynė ( Pranciškus Narušis) and Symphony Orchestra (Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra; Conductor Imants Resnis)
  • 1 Alvidas Remesa. Melody
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  • artist:Symphonic works by Lithuanian composers
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):Contemporary
  • country:Lithuania
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Lithuanian Composers' Union
  • publisher:Lithuanian Composers' Union
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This three-CD-set embodies the Lithuanian symphonic music retrospective presenting interesting and manifold development of symphonic music from the 1940s to nowadays. The featured works were recorded by Lithuania’s leading symphony orchestras that in many cases were the first performers of these opuses and are ardent advocates of new Lithuanian compositions often initiated by them. The symphonic works introduced in these CDs vary in terms of form, scale and impetus of their origination from graduation opuses, scores presented at the Juozas Pakalnis Symphonic Music Competition dedicated to the composer’s centenary in 2012, original pure symphonic music opuses and works with solo part to occasional compositions, festival commissions, dedications or orchestral arrangements of chamber music lending the opuses new sonority spectre or an alternative stage life. 23 works chosen from a wide panorama of composers and their creative output encapsulate eight decades from the classics, representatives of post-Stalinist Lithuanian music or neo-romanticists to so-called machinists and modernists. The examples showcase various applications of minimalist principles, avant-garde, aleatorics or electronic music crossover.