Maxim Shalygin: CD "Lacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs"

photo by Brendon Heinst
photo by Brendon Heinst
photo by Brendon Heinst


performed by Shapeshift ensemble
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Shapeshift Ensemble
"Lacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs" for seven violins. This piece is a unique musical work of art: a many-sided, hour-long meditation that captures imagination.
The Lacrimosa are a lamentation, man’s final prayer before the Day of Judgement. This prayer can at once be terse and show the various states of man: gleeful, repenting, fearful, lamenting, faithful…
During the performance of the 13 Songs, the listeners’ souls are supposed to pass through a series of excruciating, expressive stages, and to finally reach a catharsis. This direction determines the cycle’s dramaturgic structure. My aim is to transform an immediate, openly emotional response to powerful impressions — something most contemporary art refuses to deal with — into the musical form of the Lacrimosa.
For all the varied techniques to be applied in the work, its emphasis is on feelings, its aspiration to capture the listeners’ minds, immersing them in the affect of each part. This idea can be realised only by a multi-voice, single-timbre ensemble of violins, which are at once a unity and a multitude, one soul and its many voices, a number of people struggling to come at peace with the world, one another, and silence…

article posted by:Maxim Shalygin, Maxim Shalygin Composer