• country:Netherlands
  • style(s):World, Contemporary
  • label:Karnatic Lab Records
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:woodwind
  • artist submitted by:McGowan, Ned

Line up

  • Ned McGowan (contrabass flute)


An interviewer once asked Thelonious Monk to predict where jazz was going, to which Monk replied, “You can’t make anything go anywhere. It just happens”. There could be no better answer. Styles come and go. The classical music world constantly wrestles with this problem. Critics and bogus prognosticators agonise over tastes and trends, to no end.

In the middle of all that, musicians like flutist Ned McGowan follow a radical mission statement: to create. McGowan is a composer and contrabass flute performer who has worked with the likes of Eighth Blackbird and the American Composers Orchestra. His high-wire act -- playing wild music at the flute’s lowest register -- has yielded a unique body of work. McGowan sounds like himself, and no one else: rhythmic, expressive, quirky, virtuosic.
In his showcase, McGowan will feature works from his 2016 album The Art of the Contrabass Flute. It may be true that “you can’t make anything go anywhere”, but tomorrow’s sound has to start somewhere.


Ned McGowan