Metronome Distribution Ltd

Metronome is a Brtish company with classical, jazz, historical and heritage labels. We also promote live small-scale tours in Britain

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Metronome was founded in 1992 The label ( is the winner of several Gramophone Awards and Diapason D'Or d'Annees.

Metronome is a British independent music production company which records the music at the frontiers of today and the past with exciting, innovative interpreters and ideas.
We are also involved in promoting live music events in festivals and communities in the South West of England.

The company began recording the music of the earliest voices of historical Western music - the music of the Notre Dame school with the Orlando Consort. The subsequent five recordings include Gramophone Award winning title John Dunstaple - Musician to the Plantagenets. This pattern of working over a period of some years with musicians to develop a body of work exploring music of lesser known genres has developed to encompass the work of contemporary classical music and composers of our own era including composers of today Piers Hellawell, Harrison Birtwistle, Salvatore Sciarrino, Adrian Williams, Howard Goodall and the late 20th century. The artistic direction has been driven by the energy and enthusiasm of the musicians, the composers, and the producers for the music they admire and enjoy for its freshness and originality. Current projects include the recordings of the complete works for French Theorbo of Robert de Visée with Fred Jacobs, Airs de Cours with Charles Daniels, a second volume of works for piano and orchestra of Harrison Birtwistle and keyboard recordings of the Empfindsamkeit with Carole Cerasi

The company also is building an archive of music of the past from medieval street songs to the bawdy songs of London streets and has been co-producer of many specialist historical projects for example a series of 8 projects entitled "Music and Art" working with exhibition teams at the National Gallery of London and the Royal Academy. We have also co-produced a two part TV documentary with BBC 4 on the music of William Lawes.

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